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Megan Pham is a curious, young mind navigating her way through the complex channels of professional communication and marketing in today’s world. With interests in both the technical and theoretical facets of content creation, digital marketing, and philanthropic community outreach, Megan has developed a robust portfolio encompassing writing, design, and strategic planning experience across multiple industries. She brings a strong foundation in writing and critical thinking to every opportunity and is continuously asking questions, learning from experts in the field, and developing her transferable skills. 

Megan graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in English with Departmental Honors, minors in Economics and Business Administration, and University Honors recognition. She currently resides in Canton, Michigan and in her free time enjoys exploring new perspectives through books, crocheting (or at least trying to), running, and spending time outdoors–especially camping at Michigan State Parks during the summer!

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